What is Monthly Fixation?

Monthly Fixation is the brain-child of Liz Elliot, brought to life by the hosts of the Trysexuals Podcast! Spawned originally as an idea called ‘Dildo of The Month’, it was meant to be a monthly post, ostensibly about dildos. However, after Liz and Curious Kitt encountered each other on a fateful Twitter post, the idea evolved and took shape. Inspired by book clubs, Liz and the hosts of the Trysexuals launched Monthly Fixation, a kind of round-table event dedicated to exploring different sexual topics every month.

The themes of each month can vary wildly in type and tone and can be anything from interesting kinks and fetishes, to specific sex toys, to sexual acts. Some factors will remain consistent throughout all of the fixations, as the founding members would like to keep this accessible and fun to explorers with all types of bodies as well as making it financially accessible. Other than these rough guidelines, the idea of Monthly Fixation is to encourage exploration and discussion regarding sex by providing a kind of monthly prompt or jumping off point. The Monthly Fixation is for someone who wants to pull up a chair at a metaphorical table, maybe drink a little non-metaphorical wine and talk about their sexual experiences with interested and like-minded people.

How can I join?

Monthly Fixation is currently in its infancy, but there are plans for a sign up sheet and badge tracking in the future. There are no dues required, and anyone is welcome to join provided they agree to contribute to a safe and fun environment and are of age to be discussing the material.

For now, joining the chat of the Trysexuals podcast, following the Trysexuals and Liz Elliot on Twitter and tracking the Twitter hashtag #MonthlyFixation is a good way to get involved until we can get up and running!

I’m interested, but this month isn’t my thing, can I still join?

Of course! If you’re interested but one month isn’t your cup of tea, please still feel free to join. Boundaries are a good and healthy thing to have, and if you need to sit out for a month, no one will judge you. We encourage you to make healthy decisions based on your needs and we won’t be disappointed if you need to take that month off.

How do I participate?

f you’re interested in that month, posting in the #MonthlyFixation on Twitter is a good way to participate! Spend the month playing around with the fixation, posting on the tag and talking about it. Then at the end of the month, join a group discussion with other open-minded souls! We welcome photos, art, and written pieces detailing your experience with that month’s fixation.


When the sign up sheet is complete, there are plans to have Monthly Fixation events in which there will be a fun, casual gathering of the participants to talk about what they did that month. One proposed idea is running a Rabb.it room to have a movie playing while people discuss their monthly activities.

When is the Monthly Fixation?

The fixation will last approximately one month, and begins and ends of the 12th of the month. For example, the wax play fixation began on Oct 12th and ends Nov 12th. On November 12th, a new fixation is announced and that month begins!

What’s this about badges?

Badges are an idea meant to encourage and reward members who participate! Every month there will be a digital badge given out to those who decide to participate in the fixation. These will feature an image relating to the month’s fixation and will be given out as a celebration for those who participate. Currently, all badges are digital, though this may change in the future.

A badge is also awarded to those who choose not to participate, called the boundary badge.  This is to encourage healthy boundary setting and to ensure that no member feels discouraged or less valid for sitting out that month.

More badges will be announced in the future as we explore together!