How can I join?

Monthly Fixation is currently in its infancy, but there are plans for a sign up sheet and badge tracking in the future. There are no dues required, and anyone is welcome to join provided they agree to contribute to a safe and fun environment and are of age to be discussing the material.

For now, joining the chat of the Trysexuals podcast, following the Trysexuals and Liz Elliot on Twitter and tracking the Twitter hashtag #MonthlyFixation is a good way to get involved until we can get up and running!

I’m interested, but this month isn’t my thing, can I still join?

Of course! If you’re interested but one month isn’t your cup of tea, please still feel free to join. Boundaries are a good and healthy thing to have, and if you need to sit out for a month, no one will judge you. We encourage you to make healthy decisions based on your needs and we won’t be disappointed if you need to take that month off.